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Ugo Rondinone: Liverpool Mountain

Ugo Rondinone, Miami Mountain, 2016.

Ugo Rondinone Liverpool Mountain 2018. Photo Rob Battersby.

This gravity-defying sculpture celebrates Liverpool 2018

Liverpool Mountain is Swiss-artist Ugo Rondinone’s first public artwork in the UK and the first of its kind in Europe. Inspired by naturally occurring Hoodoos (spires or pyramids of rock) and the art of meditative rock balancing, this 10-metre high sculpture stands within Mermaid Courtyard, outside Tate Liverpool on the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. It consists of coloured rocks, stacked vertically which seem to defy gravity.

This outdoor sculpture marks the 10th anniversary of Liverpool European Capital of Culture, the 20th anniversary of Liverpool Biennial and the 30th anniversary of Tate Liverpool.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool as part of the Liverpool 2018 events programme with support from Royal Albert Dock Liverpool.

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Tate Liverpool

Mermaid Courtyard, outside Tate Liverpool

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
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23 October 2018 – 31 October 2023