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Age/ncy: Art, Ageing and Transition with Flourishing Lives

Photo: Flourishing Lives

Photo: Flourishing Lives

Ageism is getting old – join Flourishing Lives’ community arts exchange and help put stereotypes in the past

In 1969, the psychiatrist Dr. Robert N. Butler coined the term ‘ageism’ to denote the way society denies older people the opportunities to pursue life, to reinvent themselves.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the anti-ageism movement, Flourishing Lives will create an intergenerational arts exchange that will shatter sedate stereotypes of ageing and older people. Our three-day programme will span parkour, stand-up comedy, circus skills, dance, physical theatre, music, workshops, the visual arts, and collaborative installation.

Drop in and explore the idea of ageing as transition and examine the elision of identity that we all experience, whether young or old, as we travel across the life course. ‘Age/ncy’ offers an interactive space for us to reflect on perceptions of ageing and celebrate the profound sense of identity, community and independence that older people can access through art.

Our ‘Age/ncy’ programme partners will include artists, community groups and organisations from across the Flourishing Lives coalition:

· ACAVA: Association for Cultural Advancement through Visual Art

· Age Allies

· Ben Uri Gallery

· Bernadette Russell

· Central & Cecil Housing Trust

· Chris Huntley

· Claremont Project

· Fruit Fly Collective

· Haynes Dementia Hub

· Jackson's Lane

· Joshua Bilton

· London Symphony Orchestra

· Lynn Ruth Miller

· Macmillan Cancer Support

· NGO Socialiniai meno projektai

· Nichola Charalambou

· Rachael Dinnage

· Sage Dance Company

· Spare Tyre

· Third Age Project

· West Coast Parkour

About Flourishing Lives

Flourishing Lives is a coalition of arts, health and wellbeing organisations taking a creative and aspirational approach to supporting richer, more independent lives for people over the age of 55. We combat social isolation amongst older people by promoting community, expression and engagement through the arts. Our aim is to change the public discourse around ageing by fostering an intergenerational exchange of ideas, knowledge and inspiration and celebrating the immense contribution that older people make to both art and society.

Flourishing Lives is kindly supported by City Bridge Trust and the Mercers’ Company.

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26–28 April 2019

26 April 2019 at 19.00–23.00

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