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Please note this film contains scenes of nudity

César Vayssié UFE(UNFILMÉVÈNEMENT) 2016, film still. Courtesy the artist

Dance cycles into political action in this unique film experience

César Vayssié presents the UK premiere of UFE(UNFILMÉVÈNEMENT), a film carving out a distinct space between dance, visual art, live performance and media production. Progressing from movement workshops led by dancer Dimitri Chamblas, choreographer Mathilde Monnier and performer Yves-Noël Genod into a multi-layered story,​ the film follows a group of young artist-performers as they attempt to stage a revolutionary action. The limits of each individual’s commitment soon begin to muddle intimate relationships, shatter political convictions, modify the artistic goal and turn the collective fantasy into a living nightmare. Moving between the group’s production space at the Theatre of Nanterre-Amandiers and an isolated Alpine chalet, the narrative cycles through various choreographic and allegorical forms and real and fictional storylines. Winner of the Georges de Beauregard National Prize and the Audience Prize at the 2016 FID Marseille International Film Festival, UFE questions the boundary between a work and a production community and embodies a new stage in the ongoing conversation between performance and film. 


César Vayssié, UFE(UNFILMÉVÈNEMENT), France 2016, digital, colour, sound, 153 min, French with English subtitles 

Please note this film contains scenes of nudity

The screening is followed by a discussion with the artist. 

About César Vayssié

César Vayssié (b. 1967, France) is an artist working in film and performance. Since 1992, Vayssié has been writing, directing and collaborating on experimental features and short films that evade classification into any genre or media. His artist practice is emblematic of a work permanently trying to find itself, travelling from visual art to performance, often starting from intra- and extra-cinematographic influences such as plastic arts. Vayssié has worked with artists, writers and performers throughout his career, including Yves Pagès (Elvis de Médicis), Boris Charmatz (Les Disparates, Héâtre-élévision, Bocal, Levée) Philippe Quesne (Bivouac, Garden Party), Yves-Noël Genod (Yves-Noël Genod – N°5) and Francois Chaignaud (The Sweetest Choice). He is currently working on a live exhibition entitled Exemple and a new film, Homme Sapin.

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