Tate Modern Conference

Dislocations: Remapping Art Histories

Do Ho Suh, ‘Staircase-III’ 2010
Do Ho Suh, Staircase-III 2010. Tate. © Do Ho Suh, courtesy Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York

A conference organised by Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific

The histories of modern and contemporary art in Asia are inseparable from the cultural, social and political realities of the region and its continuously changing position in the world at large. What we regard as the canonical reading of art and its histories have been the subject of rigorous critique and revision in the past decades, and the conventional perception of art history as a singular narrative has yielded to a more complicated, discursive understanding of multiple art histories. 

The conference raises a number of questions on performance, socially engaged practice and the methodological rethinking of the Western-centrism of 20th century art histories. Topics include environmental art and performance in Japan in the 1960s, performance and its relationship to installation art in the Philippines in the 1970s, transnational and multivalent character of Modernism’s centres such as Paris and Mumbai, the effect of the internet and social networking technologies in contemporary Chinese art and the ‘social’ legacy of the socialist era in contemporary practice in China.

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Keynote: Do Ho Suh

Convenors: Marko Daniel, Joan Kee, Sook-Kyung Lee, Ming Tiampo and Zheng Bo

Speakers: Ignacio Adriasola, Lee Ambrozy, Pamela N. Corey, Sonal Khullar, Tina Le, Lu PeiYi, Su Wei, Ming Tiampo and Zheng Bo   

If you would like to learn more about the conference, please email trc.asiapacific@tate.org.uk

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3 December 2015 at 18.15–20.00

4 December 2015 at 10.00–18.00