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Art Futures: Beyond Profit & Price

Martin Creed, ‘Work No. 203: EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT’ 1999
Martin Creed, Work No. 203: EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT 1999. Tate. © Martin Creed

Join us to explore finance from a cultural perspective

To most people the world of finance is a black box, yet today it commands every aspect of our lives. Looking through the lens of innovative art projects, this course examines how artists are attempting to make sense of this complex domain by appropriating its tropes and creatively intervening into its landscapes.

Week 1: Monday 12 June
In this introductory session, we explore the historical connections between the evolution of technology and finance through the prism of art. We look at relevant artworks in the Tate Collection, as well as discuss examples that bring out fresh and challenging insights about the role of art in an increasingly technologically mediated and financialised world.

Week 2: Monday 19 June
Picking up from some of the questions posed in the first session, we zoom in on the relationship between materiality and concepts, production and circulation, value and price as they make themselves apparent in art and in finance. Towards what ends have resonances and discrepancies between the two systems been mobilised by artists?

Week 3: Monday 26 June
In this session, we are joined by artist Paolo Cirio, whose work investigates how the social field is impacted by finance. We discuss what artistic strategy and intervention could mean in the current context, drawing on examples from Paolo’s practice and works of other contemporary artists.

Week 4: Monday 3 July
In this final week, we are joined by artist Alexandra Pirici to discuss her recent work Parthenon Marbles. What future trajectories can art take in relationship to finance?


Victoria Ivanova is a curator and researcher. She is one of the founding members of Real Flow – a research and development platform for socialising finance – and in 2010 she also co-founded a multidisciplinary cultural platform in Donetsk, Ukraine, which explored the intersection between activism, education and artistic production. Recent publications include Turborealism: Neither Bow nor Arrow and Art’s Values: A Détente, a Grand Plié in Parse 2: The Value of Contemporary Art.

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