Tate Modern Exhibition

Edges and Extremes: Shetland and Cornwall People, Places, Industry

Box of Haddock Sally Booth

Edges and Extremes is an exhibition of artworks and poetry by English artist Sally Booth and Scottish poet Evlynn Sharp

Inspired by collaborative residencies in Scalloway and West Penwith, this new body of work celebrates people, places and industries the artists encountered at far edges of the British Isles.

Working closely with local people, Sally and Evlynn explore traditions and work practices past and present. They reflect distinctive patterns, landscapes and rhythms of people’s lives such as Davie Robertson’s speed of filleting, the artistry of elderly Shetland maakers (knitters) Annie Henry and Emma Isbister, and Geevor Tin Mine’s former grizzly man (rock breaker) Eddie Strick.

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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22 March – 13 April 2014