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BMW Tate Live Exhibition Mirror Piece II

Joan Jonas, Mirror Piece II, 1970, performance, 14th Street Emanu-El YMHA, New York, 1970.  Photo by Peter Moore

Discover the work that established Joan Jonas as a pioneering figure in performance

I was interested in how an audience might feel uneasy as they were caught looking at themselves in the performance. In a way, narcissism is the nature of the medium
Joan Jonas

In Jonas's Mirror Piece II, performers carry out a series of carefully choreographed actions with mirrors and glass. The size and weight of the props mean the performers' movements have to be slow and careful. The constant danger that the mirrors will break creates a sense of anxiety among the spectators.

First performed in 1970, Mirror Piece II was never recorded on film. Jonas has based the reconstruction on notes and photographs. She has built on the feeling and look of the original and invented new movements and configurations in the choreography. In between performances, visitors to the South Tank can hear a musical composition by Jonas and jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran.

This reconstruction of Mirror Piece II 1970 has been realised by Joan Jonas together with Nefeli Skarmea.

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