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Interpreting Giacometti in clay

Clay Collective, Hackney Downs Studios. Images courtesy of Charlie McKay & Jess Murphy

Explore Giacometti’s work and produce your own ceramic sculpture or functional object

Alberto Giacometti’s decorative works narrow the gap between the utilitarian object and sculpture. Clay and ceramics have historically been used in the creation of both kinds of object, lending themselves to a playful exploration of the relationship between form and function. 

Join the members of Clay Collective in an exploration of Giacometti’s work both figurative and abstract to produce your own ceramic sculpture or functional object. Sessions take place across Tate Modern’s galleries, including out of hours access to Giacometti exhibition, as well as the Clay Collective Studio in Hackney, East London. All materials and costs for producing and firing your final object are included.

Clay Collective is a co-operative of like-minded makers, a workshop for artists and practitioners working with clay. Its members include Anna Beam, Anna Jones, Charlie McKay, Daisy Addison, Emma De Clercq, Hackney Potter, Harriet Levy-Cooper, Milo Liren, Sandra Dieckmann, Sarah Cranke, Sophie Alda and Victoria Bridal.

Weekly Summary

Week 1 (Monday 12 June, 18.45–20.45, Tate Modern): A close look into Giacometti’s practice and his relationship with objects through discussion and drawing in the Giacometti exhibition at Tate Modern. 

Week 2 (Monday 19 June, 18.45–20.45, Tate Modern): An exploration of the ways in which Giacometti explored form and texture through collage and model making at Tate Modern. 

Week 3 (Saturday 24 June, 10.30–13.00 or 14.30–17.00, Clay Collective, Hackney Downs Studios): An introduction to ceramics at the Clay Collective studio in Hackney as well as a optional chance to independelty revisit the Giacometti exhibition at Tate Modern on Monday 26 June, 18.30–20.30. 

Week 4 (Saturday 1 July, 10.30–13.00 or 14.30–17.00, Clay Collective, Hackney Downs Studios):  A focus on Giacometti’s techniques and a session of personal experimentation, translating work made in the Tate galleries into sculptures in clay. 

Week 5: (Saturday 8 July, 10.30–13.00 or 14.30–17.00, Clay Collective, Hackney Downs Studios):  Further exploration in clay focusing on a single final sculpture to be fired. 

Week 6: (Saturday 22 July, 15.00–17.00, Tate Modern): A final celebratory viewing and collection of completed sculptures back at Tate Modern. 

Saturday morning sessions are now full but there is still availability for Saturday afternoon sessions

This event has been provided by Tate Gallery on behalf of Tate Enterprises LTD.

Photo of objects
Photo of objects
Photo of objects

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Mondays 12, 19 and 26 June, 18.45–20.45 will take place at Tate Modern

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