Tate Modern Exhibition

Inside Job A Tate Staff Exhibition

portrait of a woman in a mock stained glass window praying

Tom Grantham Thou Shalt Not Wear Thy Crocs in Public

See the talents of the many people working at Tate who are also practising artists

This is the first time staff have been able to show their work in one of Tate's own buildings. Work on display include video, performance, painting, photography, cartoons, sculpture and craft. The artworks are by staff across different Tate departments from London, Liverpool and St Ives.

photograph of a flat piece of stone hanging in a white space

Sarah Powell
Underneath an Island

Painting of a older woman

Paula Hillis

black and white image of a man standing on some empty glassland

Akiko Takizawa
Shadows on the Hill

installation shot of some kinetic work with a train set moving around a cut out of a woman holding a gun

Johnny Gordon
My Son Will Know What A Man Is

Tate Modern

Level 6, Blavatnik Building

London SE1 9TG
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7–8 April 2018