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Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad is a pivotal figure in contemporary culture. His multi-faceted contributions since the 1960s have influenced and redefined music, filmmaking, minimalism, performance, video and conceptual art.

Known for his groundbreaking film The Flicker, his involvement in the Theatre of Eternal Music and the evolution of the Velvet Underground, and collaborations with a host of luminaries including Jack Smith, John Cale, Mike Kelley and Henry Flynt, Conrad remains a radical figure who challenges our understanding of art history. This special weekend at Tate Modern will feature a major new performance for the Turbine Hall and screenings of Conrad's extraordinary film and video work.

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Performance: Tony Conrad

Curated by Stuart Comer, Alice Koegel and Mark Webber

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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13–15 June 2008

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Tony Conrad – Live At Tate Modern

American artist Tony Conrad employs a battery of amplified strings, film projectors, electric drills and assorted machinery to create a ...