Tate Modern Course

Future City Zines

Zine making station: a zine drop-in workshop with OOMK. Participants will be invited to use various templates and collage materials to create their own future city zines to take away. There will be zines on display for participants to draw inspiration from.

Zine display: OOMK has made 3 new Future City zines which will be shown as part of a special zine installation using coat hangers and chipboard. Illustrations will be shown explaining how an issue of OOMK comes together, as well as a large set of workshop instructions for people to follow.

Drop in discussion and zine making: Make zines from one sheet of paper whilst discussing topics including

  • DIY Future Utopias - With governments and corporations failing us, how can we use the DIY ethos to create a better future for all?
  • Zines and activism - Explore how zines can be a way for alternative ideas and voices to be heard.

Discussion facilitated by Hamja Ahsan, Helena Wee and Fuad Ali of Other Asias.


OOMK is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication. Printed biannually its content pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women. Each issue centres around different creative theme, with more general content exploring topics of faith, activism and identity. Studio OOMK is a design studio that specialises in bespoke booklet design, project documentation, exhibition design and live illustration. The studio is run by Sofia Niazi (illustrator and educator), Heiba Lamara (researcher) and Rose Nordin (graphic designer). Previous clients include the Museum of London, Southbank Centre, 3FF and the Migration Museum.

Other Asias challenges preconceived notions of Asia opening up new configurations of space, thought and discussion. We provide alternatives to corporate/NGO representations of Asia with cross-community and inter-continental discourse enhancing local and international knowledge distribution. Projects include exhibitions, plays, film screenings, talks, zines and performance work. Hamja Ahsan is an artist, activist, curator and Director of Other Asias. Helena Wee is an artist and curator. Fuad Ali is a researcher and creative producer.


Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

25 July 2015 at 12.30–21.30