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How to Map Yourself

If you could say one thing to the world about your gender or body what would it be? And if this map we have made was the world, where would you put this for people to see?

How far away is your picture of yourself compared to other people’s picture of you? These are a couple of the many questions the Magic Maverick will explore.

Magic Maverick will be delivering an hour long workshop, with intergenerational audiences, to encourage thought on gender identity. Specifically the workshop explores the duality of gender identity and the performative signifiers that present our gender to others. Prompted by a series of simple questions, participants will be encouraged to take a journey around the space, physically mapping out their identity. Molly and Helen will address complex issues in a fun and accessible way – through movement and mapping – communicating with people of all ages.


Magic Maverick are an emerging interdisciplinary theatre company who use theatre to give voice to those who have historically been denied one. Presenting a playful world where gender is fluid and rules are made to be broken, our work aims to inspire, challenge and be open to everyone. Our practice is founded in play, collaboration and cabaret and the company devise openly, showing our process to audiences throughout our development. This work includes workshops with audiences young and old, open rehearsals, scratches and cabaret performances.

Founded by Artistic Director Molly Pharo following her apprenticeship and employment at Battersea Arts Centre, Molly started the company with the view to creating new and diverse stories for young girls and women in particular.

They are currently developing our first show, Moonshine's Entirely Necessary Adventure, an enchanting show for families which explores what it truly means to be yourself.


Tate Modern

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25 July 2015 at 17.00–18.00