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How to Stitch for Social Action

The Stitchable Change-makers project is a chance to slow down and – in the safe environment that craft creates – reflect on what values are threaded through the changemakers we’re stitching, and challenge ourselves to decide how we can thread our own values into the choices we make every day in order to become awesome global citizens.

Once it’s finished, each card is also a tactile physical reminder to strive to put your values into practice in all you do. Keep it at home or display it at work, wherever is most helpful for you. It might even start some great conversations with others.

Led by Sarah Corbett, Founding Director of Craftivist Collective. She believes craft can be a tool for gentle activism aimed at influencing long-term change. By using the quiet, reflective time it gives us to explore global issues and how they affect the world around us, we can create something beautiful, considered, positive and poignant.


Sarah Corbett is the Founder of Craftivist Collective, a global social enteprise providing innovative craftivism (craft + activism) products and  services to individuals and organisations around the world using craft a tool for slow, gentle and intriguing activism. Sarah Corbett grew up in an activist family and has worked as a professional campaigner for 6 years most recently with Oxfam. One of the leading spokespeople in the craftivism movement and author of A Little Book of Craftivism, she regularly gives univerisity lectures, and has delivered over 150 workshops and talks globally (TEDx, Lost Lectures, Do Lectures etc). Sarah has collaborated with V&A, Hayward, Etsy, cult jewellers Tatty Devine, TOMS Shoes, Secret Cinema, Unicef and Save the Children amongst others. Previously she worked for 8 years in in public engagement and campaigning within DfiD, Christian Aid and Oxfam GB.


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