Tate Modern Film

The Film Will Always Be You: Points and Counterpoints

Athi-Patra Ruga The Purge 2013

Berni Searle Seeking Refuge 2008

Berni Searle Seeking Refuge 2008

Bridget Baker The Pilot 2007–2008 Film still © Bridget Baker, courtesy the artist

Donna Kukama The Swing (after Fragonard) 2009

Gregg Smith Should We Never Meet Again 2005

Simon Gush Iseeyou 2013 Video still © Simon Gush, courtesy the artist and Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town

Michael MacGarry LHR-JNB 2002–2010 Video still © Michael MacGarry, courtesy the artist

Counterpointing the personal with the universal, the everyday with the monumental, the films in this screening approach historical, political, and social themes. Focusing on discrete staged or documented performances and scenarios, the works often make direct reference to the canons of film and art history.

Programme duration: 90 minutes

Followed by artist discussions with Bridget Baker, Michael MacGarry, Berni Searle and Gregg Smith.


The Purge
Athi-Patra Ruga, 2013, video, 2 minutes

Seeking Refuge
Berni Searle, 2008, video, 6 min

The Pilot
Bridget Baker, 2007–2008, 16mm film, 12 min

The Swing (after after Fragonard)
Donna Kukama, 2009, video, 5 min

Should We Never Meet Again
Gregg Smith, 2005, video, 26 min

Simon Gush, 2013, video, 14 min

Michael MacGarry, 2002–10, video, 12 min

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11 July 2015 at 16.00–18.00