Tate Modern Film

The Film Will Always Be You: New Subjectivities

Dineo Bopape is I am sky 2013

Minnette Vàri Alien 1998 Video still © Minnette Vàri, courtesy the artist

Tabita Rezaire TRU DAT LCD SCREEN 2014

Angela de Jesus Control Room 2010

Bogosi Sekhukhuni Consciousness Engine 2: absentblackfatherbot 2014

Penny Siopis The Master is Drowning 2010

Neville Gabie Experiments in Black & White XIII (Richmond, Northern Cape Province, South Africa)

Barend de Wet Projected Identities 2013

Johan Thom Terms of Endearment 2007 Video still © Johan Thom, courtesy the artist

From Afro-Cyber Resistance to appropriations of found footage, these vanguard works allow for consideration of the varied recent directions taken by South African artists working with moving image. They span not only documentary, performance, animation and the cinematic, but also embrace digital innovation afforded by the internet, image manipulation, surveillance and mobile technology.

Programme duration: 65 minutes.

Followed by artist discussions with Dineo Seshee Bopape, Neville Gabie, Tabita Rezaire and Penny Siopis.


is I am sky
Dineo Seshee Bopape, 2013, video, 18 min

Minnette Vári, 1998, video 52 secs, sound 2 min 14 secs; continuous loop

Consciousness Engine 2: absentblackfatherbot
Bogosi Sekhukhuni, 2014, video, 4 min

Projected Identities
Barend de Wet, 2013, video, 4 min

Control Room
Angela de Jesus, 2010, video, 6 min

Terms of Endearment
Johan Thom, 2007, video, 5 min

Tabita Rezaire, 2014, video, 9 min

The Master is Drowning
Penny Siopis, 2010, video, 10 min

Experiments in Black & White #XIII
Neville Gabie, 2014, video, 5 min

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