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Michael Smith on Mike

An evening hosted by the influential American video and performance artist Michael Smith, whose tragicomic work is akin to TV comedy skits. Smith will present a selection of his videos over spanning 30 years in which he has appeared as his alter ego, the inept everyman ‘Mike’. 

The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Michael Smith.

Full programme (duration 65min):


Secret Horror Michael Smith, 1980
Go For It, Mike, 1984
Busmans Holiday Review, a performance piece  from 1976 later translated to video


OYMA (Outstanding Young Men of America), 1996
Do it - How to curate your own group exhibition, 1996
The MUSCO Story: 1969-1997, with Joshua White, 1997
Open House, with Joshua White, 1999


Famous Quotes From Art History, 2001-2003
Portal Excursion, Michael Smith, 2006
Mike's World Orientation Video, 2007

This special evening follows Michael Smith’s newly commissioned work for BMW Tate Live: Performance Room live on 10 December 2015 20.00GMT via Tate’s YouTube channel or via Tate's website.

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Date & Time

11 December 2015 at 19.00–21.00

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