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Mox Mäkelä: Strange

Mox Mäkelä Strange 2018, film still. Courtesy the artist and AV-arkki

Experience a boundary-pushing new audio-visual work

Join us for the UK premiere of Finnish artist Mox Mäkelä’s Strange [Vieras]. Midway between a film and an audio play, the work blends the voices of off-screen characters with fantastical black-and-white visuals. The rich digital imagery is carefully edited to prompt associations between the sounds and images that unfold. Part drama, part satire, the work tells the story of The Stranger, an androgynous foreigner who travels the Finnish landscape and encounters a series of absurd yet tragic events. His estrangement slowly opens up ways of thinking about our position in the world, our relationships with others and the current ecological situation.


Curatorial introduction
Strange [Vieras] 2018, DCP, black and white, sound, 111 min, Finnish with English subtitles
Discussion with the artist and Tate Film curators


Mox Mäkelä

Mox Mäkelä (b.1958, Finland) is a conceptual artist who, since the late 1970s, has explored literary and ecological themes in her films and installations.

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15 May 2019 at 18.30–21.00