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Museum of Clouds Forum

film still of a gold elephant in front of a transparent material blowing in the wind

​Shambhavi Kaul Mount Song 2013, film still. Courtesy the artist, Collectif Jeune Cinéma and Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai

​Hear from participating artists, writers and film programmers about the networks, interests and sites that have brought them together in this free discussion

This forum brings together participating artists, producers, writers and film programmers to collectively map the shifting network of dialogues and connections between this group of artists, and the institutions, sites and conditions that have helped foster these forms of exchange. It attempts to locate a shared creative attitude and to elaborate the significance of sound, landscape, shooting formats and exhibition contexts to the artists’ work. The forum will reflect on the central propositions of the series itself, considering both the problematic of historicising the present moment and the life of such a gathering within the art museum.

​The forum is moderated by Andrea Lissoni, Senior Curator, International Art (Film), Tate Modern, and Carly Whitefield, Assistant Curator, Film.

Tate Modern

Starr Cinema

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

28 October 2018 at 16.00–17.45