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Never Real Objects I

Sahra Motalebi Directory of Portrayals 2017. Performance at The Kitchen, New York. Photograph: Paula Court. Courtesy The Kitchen

Explore how artists engage video in their live practice in this short screening, sound performance and talk

The Kitchen: Never Real Objects series launches with a programme of artists whose works are unified by sound and music. Working across various disciplines, these artists engage with different modes of live practice. They deeply consider the histories, institutions and contexts which frame how they are imaged, who is listening and how they are heard.

This unique programme presents a dynamic selection of performance documentation videos. Questions of circulation and presence come to the fore. The programme also features a short live sound performance by artist and composer C. Spencer Yeh, and is followed by a talk with Yeh, artist Lex Brown, and Lumi Tan (Curator, The Kitchen).


  • Sahra Motalebi, Directory of Portrayals 2019 (excerpt), digital video documentation, colour, sound, approx. 10 min
  • Moor Mother, The Resurrection of Potter’s Fields 2016 (excerpt), digital video documentation, colour, sound, 2:35 min.
  • Lex Brown, Focacciatown: Reloaded, an operetta 2019 (excerpt), digital video documentation, colour, sound, approx. 10 min.
  • James Allister Sprang, Turning Towards a Radical Listening 2019 (excerpt), audio, approx. 10 min
  • C. Spencer Yeh, The RCA Mark II 2017 (live), four-channel audio, approx. 10 min
  • Talk: C. Spencer Yeh, Lex Brown and Lumi Tan
Audience observing a live performance of a woman holding a microphone

Lex Brown Focacciatown: Reloaded, an Operetta 2019, documentation still. Performed at The Kitchen, New York. Courtesy the artist

C Spencer Yeh standing in front of an RCA Mark II synthesizer

C Spencer Yeh and a RCA Mark II synthesizer. Courtesy the artist

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