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Exhuming the lost history of the invention of video art in the UK, Rewind has emerged as a crucial research project. The Rewind team has remastered and archived important early single channel and installation works, interviewed artists, collected ephemera, curated exhibitions, distributed DVDs, developed conferences and built a strong web presence at www.rewind.ac.uk. This event launches the book resulting from the project, Rewind: British Artists’ Video in the 1970s & 1980s, edited by Sean Cubitt and Stephen Partridge and published by John Libbey. Join us to celebrate with pioneers of UK video art and the curators, distributors, activists and writers who made it happen, with screenings of key works and presentations by special guests. Rewind is based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee.

Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

18.30 Introductions - Stuart Comer, Stephen Partridge, Sean Cubitt, John Libbey
18.45 Grahame Weinbren on the Rewind project and publication
19.05 Siegfried Zielinski on the dialectics of oblivion and memory and a plea for many an-archives for (video) art
19.25 Screenings
20.00 Reception 

Screening programme

David Hall
Tap Piece from TV Interruptions, 1971, 3'30

Ian Breakwell
The Walking Man from Ian Breakwell's Continuous Diary, 1984, 5' 

Kevin Atherton
Monitor Minder Intro and Advert, 1985, 2'30 

Mike Stubbs
Ra Ad 1, 1980, 1'

Judith Goddard
Celestial Light & Monstrous Races, 1985, 4'

David Critchley
Apples from Pieces I Never Did, 1979, 3'

Elaine Shemilt
Doppelgänger (extract), 1979-81, 2'

Mike Stubbs
Ra Ad 2, 1980, 30s 

Madelon Hooykaas & Elsa Stansfield
Split Seconds (extract), 1979, 3'

Duvet Brothers
Man or Dog, 1985, 1'30

Cate Elwes
Postcard, 1986, 4'

Stephen Partridge 
Monitor (extract), 1975, 2'

Mike Stubbs
Ra As 3, 1980, 1'30

David Hall 
ecstaseeTV from TV Interruptions 93, 1993, 1'30


Siegfried Zielinski is a German media theorist. He holds the chair for Media Theory: Archaeology and Variantology of the Media at Berlin University of the Arts, he is Michel Foucault Professor for Techno-Culture and Media Archaeology at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, and he is director of the International Vilém-Flusser-Archive at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Grahame Weinbren, recognised as a pioneer of interactive cinema, has made films and installations for over 30 years. His high definition short films Letters were exhibited in the 2008 Berlin Film Festival and the 2010 Zero1 San Jose Biennial. He teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and is the senior editor of the Millennium Film Journal.


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25 September 2012 at 18.30–20.30