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Hyundai Commission 2015: Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot

Abraham Cruzvillegas is the first Hyundai Commission for Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, 13 October 2015 – 20 March 2016

The inaugural Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall is by Abraham Cruzvillegas, an artist known for creating sculptures by improvising with different materials.

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Abraham Cruzvillegas Empty Lot | TateShots

Empty Lot is a large geometric sculpture created using scaffolding, a grid of triangular wooden planters, and soil collected from parks across London including Peckham, Haringey and Westminster. Nothing will be planted in the soil, but it will be lit by lamps and watered throughout the six month display. The unpredictable nature of the work, which may grow and change from one week to the next, provokes questions about the city and nature, as well as wider ideas of chance, change, and hope.

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About Hyundai Commission

Hyundai Commission is a new series of site-specific installations by contemporary artists in Tate Modern’s iconic Turbine Hall. It is made possible by a unique long-term partnership between Tate and Hyundai Motor.

Tate Modern's Turbine Hall has hosted some of the world’s most memorable and acclaimed works of contemporary art, enjoyed by an audience of millions each year. The annual Hyundai Commission will give artists an opportunity to create new work for this unique context.

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13 October 2015 – 3 April 2016

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