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Ideas in motion: borders, bodies, and the universe With Queen Mary University of London

Clod Ensemble performing Zero, photo Shahidha Bari

Clod Ensemble performing Zero, photo Manuel Vason

How can we move freely in our bodies and across borders, in museums and across the cosmos?

Imagine moving without constraint, unhampered by injury or ill-health. Imagine being unrestricted by national borders or proof of citizenship. The universe might feel like it could expand without limit, but human beings seem constantly to come up against barriers. Researchers from across Queen Mary University of London share their work and invite you to explore the different ways we move and the obstacles we face.

Snakes and Ladders: Border Edition
Whether you’re a jet-setter, asylum-seeker, or tourist, the law regulates the way you move around the world. Play our giant Snakes and Ladders game to find out about the rules and processes that control how we come and go across international frontiers. You’ll design a passport as your counter and collect visa-stamps from around Tate’s permanent collection.

Creating the Mathematical Universe
Join us to “make the mathematical universe” in a workshop exploring ideas of infinity. You’ll see the patterns that lie beneath the construction of the world itself, and our resident artist/mathematician will help you to create the universe out of felt.

eMotion: Emotional Transitions in Healthcare
Ill-health requires us to make transitions: to move emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically. We adjust from being 'healthy' to being 'ill', from ‘independence’ to ‘dependence’ and back again. Track your personal route from illness to wellbeing on an interactive map of the healthcare system.

Clod Ensemble: Physical Thinking. Workshop and Panel Discussion (Friday 14 June, 15.00–17.00).
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For over 20 years, Clod Ensemble has been making ground-breaking performance work. Let yourself literally ‘be moved’ by the Tate collection. Suzy Willson, Co-Artistic Director of Clod Ensemble will lead a movement workshop exploring the relationship between form and content through movement.

Moving Memories
Where does an artwork belong: In the culture where it originated, in the society that welcomes it? How do we look at a work of art differently when we realise the journey that led it to be in front of us? Come and find out!

Creating without Constraint: Arthritis and Art
Experience this interactive workshop exploring the relationship between impaired mobility and artistic expression. Our researchers will guide you in a ‘journey’ inside the joints with activities simulating the restriction of movement. The display will include the work of Renoir and Pickering, two artists who lived with arthritis, to explore how art can overcome disability. Also, emerging painter Rebecca Ivatts will give a talk about her collaboration with Pickering.

Migrate Journey
Watch a short film that explores Muslim migration to the UK/East End narrating and sharing the real stories of migration from migrants themselves allowing viewers to learn the facts and understand the complexities of these difficult journeys.

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11–16 June 2019