Tate Modern Exhibition

Inside Job Staff Biennale 2022

photograph of a person walks out of the water on a pebbly beach. The words 'unknowing before, lonely, feelings of missing, then you gave me love' is overlaid on top

Harry Campbell Unknowing  © Harry Campbell

See the talents of the many people working at Tate who are also practising artists

Love and Loss marks the third Tate staff exhibition aimed at unearthing the often-hidden talents of Tate's remarkably diverse workforce. Biennale 2022 showcases artworks created by staff across different Tate departments from London, Liverpool, and St Ives.

For this year’s theme, the artists have been invited to ponder ideas on love and loss through miniature paintings, photography, sculpture, and video, as well as live performances and workshops.

Many of the works on display reflect the difficulties of the pandemic and in particular, its impact on families, communities, and livelihoods. The exhibition pays tribute to those we have lost, but also highlights the creativity, positivity and resilience we have all experienced as we come out the other side of Covid 19.

The exhibition has been curated and oranised by The Inside Job Collective; a group of Tate Staff members dedicated to celebrating the many creative skills of their colleagues.

Tate Modern

Level 5, Blavatnik Building

London SE1 9TG
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16–23 March 2022

12.00 – 18.00


Free with ticket