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Level 2 Gallery: Haris Epaminonda, VOL. VI

Haris Epaminonda Vol. VI

Haris Epaminonda: Vol. VI

Photo: Tate Photography © Courtesy of the artist and RODEO, Istanbul

As part of her ongoing series Volumes, Haris Epaminonda creates precise installations consisting mainly of found objects and images. Adopting and then undoing conventional modes of exhibition-making and museum display, Epaminonda develops all-encompassing environments that are simultaneously familiar and new. Each exhibition is posited as a new 'Volume' in the consecutively numbered series.

For VOL. VI, Epaminonda has brought together a series of objects from around the world. Wooden carvings, clay vases, statuettes and pages of books – all taken out of their original context – are juxtaposed with each other to form new associations and readings. The artist purposefully avoids stating the origin of each element.

Viewers are invited to draw from their own cultural and social experience and engage with the work without relying on a predetermined explanation of origin and meaning. Though constructed from tangible objects arranged in a specific physical space, the work offers visitors the potential for imaginary journeys through distant times and places.

Further extending the notion of journeys, Epaminonda's installation paces the visitor's movement through the gallery: spare minimalism is followed by areas brimming with objects, some partly hidden and imbued with intrigue. Together they form a spatial composition, akin to a three-dimensional collage.

The final space houses a new film, part of an ongoing series of short sequences filmed in different locations over the last three years. The music that accompanies the film had been specially created by Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides. Epaminonda approaches the filmic space in a similar way to the rest of the exhibition; each excerpt forms another element of her overall 'collection' of images, objects, times, spaces and experiences.

Haris Epaminonda was born in 1980 in Nicosia, Cyprus. She now lives and works in Berlin.

Haris Epaminonda, VOL. VI is curated by Kyla McDonald and Kathy Noble.

Tate Modern

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29 May – 30 August 2010