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In Limbo

In Limbo at Tate Exchange

Come and be impatient with us in a week-long experience on waiting. What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for your next appointment, for your ideal partner, for social change or for life’s meaning to be revealed?

It’s time to be impatient with us. Enter our Limbo and ponder with us what we are there for and whether it is worth the wait. Waiting is more than an action. It is, in many ways, a condition of our lived experience. As the speed of the world at large increases, it is not so much that we spend more time waiting, but that we are obsessively conscious of it. The relentless drive forward makes our experience of the now one of anticipation and of slightly irritated longing.

In this week-long participatory experience, led by Jacek Ludwig Scarso with the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, we’ll reflect on the meaning of waiting. Take a seat and share with us what you’re waiting for… or simply relax, and just wait.

In Limbo will also feature a special series of talks and a VR experience, in a unique partnership with Felix Dodd, A-VR and Anise Gallery.

Informal "waiting lounge chats" curated by Jacek Ludwig Scarso will take place at 4pm each day.

About The Cass

Internationally recognised for high quality teaching, excellent facilities and unique opportunities, the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University (The Cass) offers courses across a broad range of subject areas. Learning through practice, playing with process and working with clients; students at The Cass gain real-world experience in both individual and collaborative projects, engaging with professionals, communities and companies.

About Jacek Ludwig Scarso

Jacek Ludwig Scarso (PhD) is an internationally exhibited artist, whose work spans live performance, video, photography and installation. He is Course Leader in Theatre and Film at the Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Met. He collaborates with Anise Gallery in London and Collezione Lubich and Studio CS in Rome. His current projects include collaborations with CICA Museum in South Korea and the British Council in Hong Kong.

About Anise Gallery

Anise Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with a strong focus on the architectural aesthetic. Anise Gallery was founded in 2012 by Jacquelyn Jubert and Joseph Robson in Shad Thames, South East London. Occupying the ground floor of the Anise Building, a former spice warehouse and the gallery’s namesake, the space is also home to AVR London and A-VR – Architectural Illustrators and Virtual Reality Specialists respectively.

About Felix Dodd / A-VR

Felix Dodd is a virtual reality specialist and director of London's leading virtual reality studio A-VR based in Shad Thames. He has a passion for art and for supporting the artist's vision by creating immersive content that provides a new dimension to the work. He has pioneered the 'partnered piece' concept through the creation of curated VR experiences and continues to develop and refine the language of virtual reality production.

Tate Modern

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11–16 December 2018