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Making Moves: Three Positions With Royal Holloway University of London

Drama, Theatre & Dance students from Royal Holloway University of London, photo by Nicola Hewitt-George

Drama, Theatre & Dance students from Royal Holloway University of London, photo by Nicola Hewitt-George

Take up the creative power of physical and political movement

Join staff and students from Royal Holloway’s departments of Drama, Theatre & Dance, Geography, Modern Languages, Music, and Electronic Engineering for three days of sound, dance and experimental art making.

Move from male-dominated perceptions of avant-garde artworks. Identify interventions made by women and review the potential of radical art as feminist practice. Move through Tate’s spaces using only your voice. Listen and respond to sounds heard on micro and macro scales, from inside the human body to across great distances. Move with contemporary dancers and musicians to explore border crossings, transnational artistic migrations, and the politics of performance-making in today’s cities.

Our three intersecting strands emphasise collaborative action and creative communities. We tackle art, social and cultural activism, voices in motion, and transnational performance.

16 May 2019

Moving from: Avant-garde Women, Activism, and Dissent

12.00 – 15.00: Come along to a pop-up exhibition on Dada and Futurist women curated by school students from art history, politics, languages and design. Make your own work in response to avant-garde women who have crossed cultural and creative boundaries.

15.00 – 18.00: Join curators, academics and students for a conversation on art and activism. Bring your own text/image/object for an ad-hoc feminist exhibition or seek out your favourite feminist work in Tate Modern. Drop by to write a postcard inspired by The Guerrilla Girls.

17 May 2019

Moving through: Vocal Spaces

12.00 – 18.00: Micro and Macro Vocal Spaces. Explore the human voice – how it makes sounds and what it is like in different acoustics. Join electronic engineers and singers to listen and think about interactions between people and vocalising as a group in different spaces. Experiment with movements in voice production. How do voices work? How can you keep yours healthy? Listen differently to voices and the identities they carry.

15.00 – 18.00: A Queervention – Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and us. Islamophobia, antisemitism and queerphobia are on the rise. Join queer performance artists in acts of simple care and preparation, of food, of make-up, of ourselves. Move through a series of conversations and interactions, guided by each artist. Reflect, listen, respond, be heard. Urgent Queervention will hold space for you. Racism silences. Let's find ways to speak together.

18 May 2019

Moving With: Border Crossings, Creativity and Performance

Take part in practical dance workshops led by London-based groups Mazury (traditional Polish dance) and Renacer (traditional Ecuadorian dance). Join in music performances by Sikuris Sin Fronteras (Bolivian panpipes and flutes), London Contact Improvisation, and create danced conversations with movers from London Contact Improvisation.

Come together with diverse communities of practice in London, including practitioners of the Latin American diaspora, contemporary dancers (the Contact Improvisation community), and Polish traditional dance / music communities. Connect with students and staff as we create dialogues via an improvised movement score and a collective procession from Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. No experience necessary.

About Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway, University of London was founded by two social reformers who pioneered the ideal of education and knowledge for all.

Royal Holloway has an emphasis on creative subjects, with outstanding teaching and research in Drama, Theatre & Dance, Media Arts, Music, Modern Languages and Geography. We welcome students and academics from all over the world, ensuring an international and multi-cultural perspective within a close-knit community and historic campus just outside of London.

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16–18 May 2019