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Pan Daijing: Tissues

Out-of-focus photograph of three performers' faces in a dark environment

Courtesy Pan Daijing

The premiere of acclaimed composer and artist Pan Daijing’s opera

Acclaimed artist and composer Pan Daijing has created a powerful new performance for the Tanks which brings together aspects of opera, theatre, dance, cinema and poetry.

Driven by the emotional extremes of the human voice and electronic music​, Tissues creates an atmosphere of turmoil and melancholia within the subterranean space of the Tanks. It is performed by an ensemble of thirteen opera singers, actors and dancers, who together lead us on a journey into the mind of a single wayward protagonist. Blending the artist's biography with experimental modes of storytelling, Tissues is grounded in the deepest and most basic human desires and fears.

Tissues is presented in tandem with daily performances of Pan Daijing’s The Absent Hour in the Tanks.

‘The piece is ultimately about time and solitude. Tissues as the medical term which forms human physicality. And tissues as the instrument we use to wipe to clean bodily fluids and waste, and eventually memory.’ –Pan Daijing


Pan Daijing

Pan Daijing (b.1991, China) is a Berlin-based artist and composer who channels sound to tell stories that cross various disciplines and forms. Her cutting-edge approach combines diverse references, raw emotions and striking aesthetic and poetic sensibilities.

Tissues is written, composed, directed and co-performed by Pan Daijing, and curated by Andrea Lissoni and Carly Whitefield (Tate Film) with support from George Watson. It was preceded by Tissues I: A Prologue, commissioned by Biennale of Moving Images, Geneva, in 2018.​

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2 October 2019 at 20.00–22.00

4 October 2019 at 21.00–23.00

5 October 2019 at 21.00–23.00

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