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Block Universe: Caj Collab

Image of Fernanda Muñoz-Newsomewith Eva O'Connor

CAJ COLLAB, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Eva O'Connor, Poplar Union, 12 July 2018. Photographer Bhav Mistry

Witness a one-off performance created by two artists in one day

CAJ COLLAB invites two artists from different disciplines who have never worked together before and gives them one day to create a performance. CAJ COLLAB is a creative way of looking at the politics of how performance is made, stemming from a desire to facilitate collaborations away from high stakes, labour intensive structures of: funding - rehearsal - performance, and to rediscover something about play/casualness and generating. In this series, CAJ COLLAB founders, Eve Veglio-White and Michael Kitchin invite artists Eleanor Sikorski and Lindsey Mendick.


Eleanor Sikorski

Eleanor Sikorski is a dancer and choreographer (Nottingham/London). Her work has taken many shapes - dance, cabaret, comedy, film and music - drawing increasingly on the narrative of her own life and the wider social commentary which is brought to light. She works as a dancer for several choreographers and is one third of ‘Nora’, a trio of dancers who curate and commission choreographers to make work for them to perform. She studied contemporary dance (LCDS 2006-10).

Lindsey Mendick

Lindsey Mendick (b. 1987, London, UK) received an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London (2017). Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: The Ex- Files, Castor Projects, London (2019); PROUDICK, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2018); The Turnpike Pottery, The Turnpike Leigh.

Proudick, Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot Hannah Barry London 2018

Proudick, Lindsey Mendick and Paloma Proudfoot Hannah Barry London 2018

Eleanor Sikorski, Photograph Matt Rogers

Eleanor Sikorski, Photograph Matt Rogers

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