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BMW Tate Live: Performance Room – Emily Roysdon I am a helicopter, camera, queen

Watch as queer and feminist performers address gender politics in this live work

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BMW TATE Live Performance Room: Emily Roysdon

A second chance to watch Emily Roysdon’s performance of I am a helicopter, camera, queen captured live Thursday, 31 May, 2012 at Tate Modern

Over 100 volunteers are invited by American artist Emily Roysdon to participate in a new collaborative performance work. During the performance the participants’ movements are choreographed by Roysdon via directions mapped onto the floor of the room. Roysdon explores how a particular space can be reconfigured through the group action of the people within it, using their bodies to mark out territory and play with scale.

Emily Roysdon ‘Work, Why, Why not’ August 1, 2008


Enter the online BMW Tate Live Performance Room via www.youtube.com/user/tate/tatelive at 20:00 in the UK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the specified dates:
15.00 on the East Coast of America
21.00 in mainland Europe
23.00 in Russia.

Live Q&A

During the performance you are encouraged to chat with other viewers from around the world via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and to ask the artist or curator questions which will be answered at the end of the performance during the live Q&A. You can access the latest updates @TateLive using #BMWTateLive, Tate Facebook or Tate Google+.


I am a helicopter, camera, queen performed by
Alexandra Abel, Camila Aguais, Simon Ainley, Nina Alexopoulou, Emma Allegretti, Daniela Babilye, Sonya Barber, Ludmila Bebjakova, Salvatore Bellavia, Lewis Burton, Debby Byzantine, Laura Cain, Elisa Carmichael, Adam Castle, Gael Chapman, Grey Chen, Neige Chentoufi, Ejaz Christilano, Mary Conroy, Lydia Cottrell, Sofia Dawe, Jay Delves, Sophia Disgrace, Gabrielle Domb, Samuel Doyle, Thekla Sotheany Sophie Ek, Kimberley Emeny, Nicole Emmenegger, Diana Roque Ferreira, Josefeen Foxter, Neil Georgeson, Emma Gill, Lene Goetzee, Kitty Graham, Amy Gunn, Trude Hagenauer, Kayleigh Handley, Ross Head, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Muffin Hix, Yu’an Huang, Carina Huber, David Hudson, Nia Hughes, Juntae Hwang, Evan Ifekoya, Maya Inbar, Noga Inbar, Casey Jenkins, Nicholai Jensen, Jenna Jones, Lowri Jones, Leigh Jordan, Katarzyna Kaszowska, Mai Koda, Andrea Alessandro La Bozzetta, Sul-Hui Lee-Davidson, Huai-Chih Liang, Yas Lorentz, Ginnie Mallinson, Jane-May Martin, Valerie McNulty, Rebecca McVean, Glen-Paul Mendes, Iro Micheli, Tabitha Millett, Caroline Money, Fiontán Moran, Jennifer Morgan, Malinda Mukuma, Malwina Naskret, Danell Nelson, Sarah Osborne, Anastasia Papaeleftheriadou, Stefano Pelosato, Natasha Philips, Roberta Pinna, Diana P., Mbeng Pouka, Mansur Quraishi, Ochi Reyes, Jane Rhee, Raphael Uribe Ruiz, Tatiana Schmidt, Karolina Sciebura, Tereza Silonova, Ozlem Simsek, Barbara Speziale, Sorcha Strzala, Jessica Tinkler, Zara Toppin, Guillaume Vandame, Chiara Vascotto, Eden Walker, Simon Wallace, Juli Watson, Sophie Whitelaw, Shelley Wilson, Yu-Jia Zhai, Nicky Zhu.

BMW Tate Live is curated by Catherine Wood, Curator, Contemporary Art and Performance, Tate and Capucine Perrot, Assistant Curator, Tate Modern.

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31 May 2012 at 20.00–21.00

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