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BMW Tate Live: Performance Room – Pablo Bronstein Constantinople Kaleidoscope

Watch as dancers play with perspective through a series of moving mirrors

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BMW Tate Live: Performance Room - Pablo Bronstein

A second chance to watch Pablo Bronstein’s performance of Constantinople Kaleidoscope captured live Thursday, 26 April, 2012 at Tate Modern

For the second event in the BMW Tate Live: Performance Room series, Argentinean born artist Pablo Bronstein premieres Constantinople Kaleidoscope, an entirely new work made especially for the Performance Room. Involving a group of dancers, Bronstein creates a baroque trompe l’oeil stage set that exaggerates the perspective of the room with mirrored columns. Bronstein uses architectural design and drawing to engage with the grandiose and imperial past of the built environment and this preoccupation with form frequently extends into his live work.


Enter the online BMW Tate Live Performance Room via www.youtube.com/user/tate/tatelive at 20:00 in the UK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the specified dates:
15.00 on the East Coast of America
21.00 in mainlandEurope
23.00 in Russia.

Live Q&A

During the performance you are encouraged to chat with other viewers from around the world via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and to ask the artist or curator questions which will be answered at the end of the performance during the live Q&A. You can access the latest updates @TateLive using #BMWTateLive, Tate Facebook or Tate Google+.


Constantiople Kaleidoscope performed by
Luke Birch
Martin Collins
Erik Nevin
Rosalie Wahlfrid

Choreographer: Matthias Sperling
Costume design: Clea Broad

BMW Tate Live is curated by Catherine Wood, Curator, Contemporary Art and Performance, Tate and Capucine Perrot, Assistant Curator, Tate Modern.

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26 April 2012 at 20.00–21.00

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