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BMW TATE LIVE EXHIBITION: Ten days six nights Night six

Human figures are seen on a floor intertwined with a hot pink filter on the room

​Ligia Lewis, minor matter, photo: Martha Glenn

See the UK premiere of Ligia Lewis’ minor matter


All evening, South Terrace: Fujiko Nakaya, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani fog sculpture with light and soundscape
From 19.00 Tanks foyer and East Tank: Isabel Lewis Kizomba Occasion
19.10 East Tank: CAMP Four-Letter Film
20.30 South Tank: Emily Roysdon Uncounted (performance 9)
22.00 South Tank: Ligia Lewis minor matter

The final night of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition hosts the UK premiere of choreographer and dancer Ligia Lewis’ minor matter. The second in a trilogy of choreographed works, minor matter draws upon visual and conceptual metaphors relating to blackness. Continuing Lewis’s ongoing engagement with affect and embodiment while interrogating the social inscriptions of the body, minor matter poses questions about the black body within the frame of the black box. Built on the logic of interdependence, the theater’s parts—light, sound, and image—become entangled with the three dancers, giving life to a vibrant social and poetic space. In minor matter, Lewis turns to the color red to materialize thoughts between love and rage.​

Artist and writer Emily Roysdon presents a site-specific durational performance, part of an ongoing project based on her text Uncounted (performance 9) which explores ‘aliveness’ as a marginal structure ‘to be alive inside.’

Isabel Lewis hosts an Occasion, a complete sensory experience incorporating food, dance, music, plants and scents. For this Occasion, Lewis has invited kizomba DJs, vocalists and dancers to lead the audience in learning this Angolan derived dance form.

CAMP’s Four-Letter Film can be seen during a fifteen-minute period in the East Tank. The film takes the form of an overheard conversation that plays out through text displayed via a large-scale, minimum-bandwidth LED structure.

About the artists

Isabel Lewis (b.1981, Dominican Republic)

Since 2009 Isabel Lewis has been investigating the role of artist as host. Her signature Occasions – celebratory and sensory gatherings of things, people, plants, music, and dance – offer an alternative to the sterility and visual dominance of the traditional exhibition format. With the Occasions Lewis creates a more complete, bodily experience for the visitor offering an open situation in which guests may freely enter, exit, and revisit. Exploring modes of connection and attention, Lewis shapes a sensorial experience that responds to the energies of her guests. Her Occasions investigate how the subtle introduction of a word, sound, movement, or scent can shift perception and awaken the importance of being together.

Emily Roysdon (b.1977, USA)

Emily Roysdon is a New York and Stockholm-based artist and writer. Her working method is interdisciplinary. Recent projects haven taken the form of performances, photographic installations, printmaking, texts, video, curating, and collaborating. Her collaborations include costume design for choreographers Levi Gonzalez, Vannesa Anspaugh and Faye Driscoll, as well as lyric writing for The Knife, and Brooklyn-based JD Samson & MEN. Roysdon developed the concept ‘ecstatic resistance’ to talk about the impossible and imaginary in politics. She is editor and co-founder of the queer feminist journal and artist collective LTTR. Roysdon is Professor of Art at Konstfack in Stockholm.

Ligia Lewis (b.1983, Dominican Republic)

Ligia Lewis is a choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. Her works take the form of affective choreographies that interrogate the metaphors, and social inscriptions, of the body. As a dancer, Lewis has performed and toured extensively with and alongside the following: Eszter Salamon, Mette Ingvartsen, Ariel Efraim Ashbel, Jeremy Wade, Wu Tsang, and Les Ballets C de la B.

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1 April 2017 at 19.00–23.55

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