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Playing Up at Tate Modern

Playing up at Tate Modern © ​Alex Wojcik, Tate Photography 2019

Playing up at Tate Modern © ​Alex Wojcik, Tate Photography 2019

Dress up as an imaginary animal, protest for what you believe in, and be inspired by art and artists

Playing Up is a game for kids and adults to play together. Join a playful, hands-on introduction to live art that encourages children’s creativity, confidence and imagination.

Our assistants will explain how to play the game and give you all the props and materials you need. Then you are free to go off as a family and start playing up around the gallery. All you need to bring is your imagination.

Playing Up is a collaboration between Theatre of Research, Live Art Development Agency (LADA) and Tate Early Years and Family Programme. Visit the dedicated Playing Up website and find out more.

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery.

Tate Modern

This event takes place within the Performer and Participant display in the Blavatnik building, Level 3

London SE1 9TG
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18 May 2019 at 13.00–18.00

25 May 2019 at 13.00–18.00

26 May 2019 at 13.00–18.00

Good creative fun. Kids were desperate to join in and really enjoyed the activity - we had to pull them away

A family at the Playing Up Art Trolley

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