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Reading Assembly: Power With University of Reading

ArtLab, Reading Assembly: Movement at Tate Exchange 2019

ArtLab, Reading Assembly: Movement at Tate Exchange 2019

Participate in workshops, performances and collaborative games to explore the different ways we experience power

How does power shape your particular community – your school, workplace, family or neighbourhood? How does technology affect the ways in which power is shared and exercised in society? Can art enable us to think about these questions? And does power shape our relationship to the gallery and to art itself?

Drop in to a three day participatory programme of events, exploring the meanings of power through a series of crafts-based workshops, staged encounters, performances and collaborative games.

About the School of Arts and Communication Design, University of Reading

The School of Arts and Communication Design at the University of Reading is comprised of three departments –Typography & Graphic Communication, Film, Theatre & Television and Reading School of Art – and researches, teaches and offers widening participation programmes in a wide range of related subjects.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

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28 February – 1 March 2020