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Self Assembly With Simon Spain

Self Assembly, Simon Spain

Self Assembly, Simon Spain

Join artist Simon Spain and contribute to a community of figures by crafting a representation of yourself

Self assembly invites participants to make a stick figure, a representation of themselves, from fallen branches by assembling limbs, torso and head together with plaster bandages and then to create a community of figures with other participants. This is a collaborative creative encounter as you own figure cannot stand alone and needs to be attached to another. Together the figures will create a community that celebrates difference.

About Simon Spain

Simon’s public participatory practice fosters collaboration and a sense of belonging through emergent, co-designed and relational creative activities. Simon has worked with intergenerational groups across the world for nearly 40 years and now lives and works in Tasmania, Australia. His Australia Council for the Arts Community Arts and Cultural Development Fellowship has supported this work with the Tate.

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Date & Time

2 June 2019 at 13.00–17.00