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Writing Photographs

​John Latham Art and Culture evidence

​John Latham Art and Culture evidence 1966-67

Leather case containing book, letters, photostats, and labeled vials filled with soot and burned paper 

Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund © 2018 John Latham 

​Join us for this conference on how photography has evolved as a practice with talks, workshops and open discussions

Writing Photographs will bring together artists, writers, curators and researchers, to present and discuss photography as an expanded practice. Building on London College of Communication’s reputation for research into conceptual photography, the day aims to counter traditional notions of image and text, adding a contemporary understanding of Writing Photographs through inter-medial constellations.

The morning will start with a series of experimental and perfomative provocations, followed by workshops that develop on these in the afternoon. Results will be shared at the end of the day with all participants.



(the) sound (of) images with Emmanuelle Waeckerle

this workshop photographs will be explored through breathing, sound, words and gesture. Join the workshop and explore what photographs can elicit for you.

Cutting photography together apart with Ajamu and Marianne Mulvey

Can we cut up the conversation around the photograph? Bring your intuition, desire, favourite short quotations about photography and through a collective process of cutting, reassembling, placing and recording of texts we will do something photographic.

Photography and Poetry with SJ Fowler

A workshop exploring the incompatibility of photography and poetry, poetry as distinct from writing or text, as the genesis point for fruitful and distinct collaborations / intersections between the two mediums. The workshop will be centred around practical, paradoxical exercises for the participant to make or conceive of new works.

Workshop with Grace Gelder

This workshop explores our response to existing images through writing, performance and conversation and includes individual, partner and group exercises. Taking inspiration from a single image, participants will write and discuss their responses; these responses will then be used as scripts for the development of a collaborative performance in small groups. Responding to props, marks and architecture, these actions will be pushed further, shared with others and recreated using prompts and tasks.​

Writing Photographs is a collaboration between Tate and The Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary Research Hub at London College of Communication. ​​

Tate Modern

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13 October 2018 at 12.00–18.00