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Southwark Untold With PemPeople

PemPeople event

Drop in for a programme of activities showcasing Southwark's talent, history and community projects

Join PemPeople and travelling gallery Project Mission Gallery for a week of workshops, discussions, exhibitions and performances. Our activities will showcase under-represented creative producers based within the London borough of Southwark.

Our programme reflects the ethos of community building, arts organising and social activism that defines the collaboration of PemPeople and Project Mission Gallery. It encourages and supports engagement and interaction between the generations, with drop-in activities for everyone from school age children to adult visitors.

This event is programmed by PemPeople, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Pempeople

People Empowering People is an organisation that works primarily with local residents and community organisations from Southwark's grassroots community. It forms a bridge with the council, institutions and charities; enabling local residents the opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent that exists within the community, and creating opportunities for local people to initiate and develop solutions to local issues.

With the increasing and fast regeneration in the borough its important that Pempeople ensures that local residents benefit from the rapid changes within the area.

About Project Mission Gallery

Project Mission Gallery is a traveling art gallery that focuses on emerging artists who identify as People of Color (PoC), within local communities. As a traveling gallery we take pride in supporting emerging arts, holding critical discussions through art, and building strong relationships through collaboration. Our programming includes exhibitions, workshops, and other interdisciplinary work, with the intention of creating multiple access points to creativity, art, and community building.

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26 June 2018 at 13.00–19.00

27 June 2018 at 13.00–19.00

28 June 2018 at 13.00–19.00

30 June 2018 at 13.00–19.00

1 July 2018 at 13.00–19.00

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