Tate Modern Workshop

Southwark Untold 2.0 With PemPeople

A group of people at a Southwark Untold event at Tate Exchange in 2018

Southwark Untold at Tate Exchange (c) Julia Piekarczyk 2018

Explore and share stories of movement in Southwark communities through drop-in activities and open discussions

Join Pempeople in a week at Tate Exchange as they explore stories of migration. Movement has had a massive influence on the local community. It continues to be the foundation for Southwark's multicultural influences and eclectic heritage.

Will the future generations remember the tales of the past ones? Will they share them further?

The event will engage intergenerational voices through a range of creative media. It will function as a continuous inquiry of movement, language and origins. Interactive workshops, open discussions, performances and screenings will uncover stories lost in the midst of the borough’s regeneration.

About PemPeople

Pempeople is a Peckham based non-profit social enterprise with the aim to build capacity for local residents. Career support and professional opportunities are at the core of their practice. They encourage people to empower themselves in and outside of their community. They also help create favourable conditions for locals to develop their ideas and bring those to life. Pempeople are a strong advocate for increasing a deeper understanding of the arts. Working directly with local communities, they particularly support areas affected by greater social and economic deprivation.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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13–18 August 2019