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State of the Nation: Conversations With Museum of Homelessness

Untitled, Simon Community Archive, Courtesy of MT Gibson-Watt

Untitled, Simon Community Archive, Courtesy of MT Gibson-Watt

Join in a national conversation on homelessness

As part of our State of the Nation weekender, join us for a series of talks by artists, journalists, politicians and others with experience of homelessness.

State of the Nation comes at a time where all forms of homelessness are on the rise. Through this set of conversations we will ask; can art and creativity make a difference? What have we learnt from the past? What kind of society to we want to live in tomorrow?

All talks are bookable on the day within Tate Exchange.

Speakers include:

  • Host: Chardine Taylor-Stone, Artist and Activist
  • Focus E-15, Housing Activist Group
  • David Tovey, Artist 

  • Lorraine McGrath, Chief Executive, Simon Scotland
  • James Murray, Deputy Mayor, Greater London Authority
  • Matt Peacock, Director, With One Voice
  • Antonia Watson, Chief Executive, The Wallich 
  • Rick Henderson, Chief Executive, Homeless Link  

  • Councillor Beth Knowles, Politician and Social Justice campaigner
  • Gerald Mclaverty and Anthony Luvera 

This event is programmed by the Museum of Homelessness, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About the Museum of Homelessness

The Museum of Homelessness. A community exploring the history, art and culture of homelessness.

The UK’s first museum of Homelessness is being developed by people from all walks of life, including those who have been homelessness.

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8 April 2017 at 13.00–19.00

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