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Stephen Dwoskin: Age Is...

Stephen Dwoskin AGE IS... 2012

Stephen Dwoskin AGE IS... 2012

© The artist, image courtesy House on Fire

Stephen Dwoskin, who died earlier this year, was a groundbreaking filmmaker who left the New York underground of Warhol and Ginsberg in 1964 and relocated to London, where he co-founded the London Filmmakers Co-op and became a driving force of independent cinema.

This screening presents the UK premiere of Dwoskin’s final film, Age Is... 2012 which meditates on the subjective experience and cultural concepts of ageing. The film is an ode to the texture, beauty and singularity of aging faces and silhouettes, an hypnotic poem featuring Dwoskin’s trademark: careful observation of gestures, glances and intimate moments. Intimacy has always played a leading role in Dwoskin’s films and Age Is… is a moving tribute to the faces of his close friends, their relatives and sometimes even of himself.

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Date & Time

21 November 2012 at 18.30–19.45