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Exhibition tour: Malevich with Christina Lodder

Kazimir Malevich Suprematism 1915

For Malevich, Suprematism was not only a world in its own right, but it was also identified with the creation of a new world, a new man, and a new natural order in the cosmos. Malevich reversed the traditional relationship between nature and art. He liberated art from imitating nature in order to make an art that he considered to be a force of nature – a force that would be capable of transforming nature itself.

Excerpt from the essay Man, Space, and the Zero of Form, Christina Lodder 2012.

Christina Lodder, an internationally renowned specialist in Russian modernism and contributor to the Malevich exhibition catalogue, takes us on an hour-long tour of this first major Malevich retrospective for almost 25 years.

The exhibition remains open for an hour following the tour to allow guests to explore the work of this deeply radical and influential figure for themselves.


Christina Lodder

Professor Christina Lodder is Lecturer of History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent. She has produced numerous books, articles, reviews, essays for exhibition catalogues, conference papers, and public lectures in Europe, North America and China. Her publications include Russian Constructivism (1983) and Constructive Strands in Russian Art (2005). She has also written numerous articles on Russian art of the 1910s and 1920s, as well as on the movement of Constructivism as it developed in Russia and Western Europe. Christina is also President of the Malevich Society.

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22 September 2014 at 18.30–20.30

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