Tate Modern Course

Open Studio: Black Light with the drawing shed

What does society keep in the dark, and how can it be illuminated? 

Labern&Lloyd of the drawing shed, working here as The Light Collectors, collaborate with scientists hosted by The Institute of Physics. Together they invite you to engage in an afternoon of Black Light, with open conversation and research.

Framed by an installation drawn from the artists' ongoing research into the hidden at this critical point in history, ultraviolet light reveals the disjuncture between extra-ordinary scientific explorations across the full spectrum of light and the endemic slow violence caused by human domestic light poverty across the world. 

The Public Typing Pool, with its manual typewriters fitted with invisible UV inked typewriter ribbons, welcomes the public to contribute to an ever growing installation of contemporary concerns, made from UV ink texts and drawings revealed through the use of hand held Black Light torches.

Part of the International Year of Light in collaboration with the Institute of Physics.


Labern&Lloyd are visual artists who collaborate on projects and interventions in the public realm, using diverse media and engaging with issues of resistance, commonality, class, displacement and ‘communities of the imagination’. As lead artists of the drawing shed based on social housing estates in East London, they bring other artists and processes into the frame to develop and expand on these shared concerns. Both have worked and exhibited independently over three decades in galleries, site specific and public settings in the UK and internationally. Black Light is an on-going creative enquiry on the part of Labern&Lloyd, which purposefully uses the spectrum of light invisible to the human eye - ultra violet, to actively engage its audience in the work itself, illuminating critical information often obscured or hidden from the public gaze, and investigating emergent collective and imaginative threads of resistance.

Tate Modern

Clore Hub

London SE1 9TG
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21 November 2015 at 11.00–17.00