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Queer confidence - A performance tour of A Bigger Splash

Justin David I Love You Timberlina

A performance presentation exploring how we can construct a Queer identity from the world around us. 

This performance presentation will take a look at Tate Modern's A Bigger Splash exhibition for broader sensibilities and notions of Queer past and present. Tim Redfern will explore how not just aesthetics of art but the ideas which inform artistic expression and practice seen within the exhibition can help to inform and construct a comfortable, confident, Queer identity in a world of ideological conventions, from the gender binary to hetero-normative assimilation. Drinks will be available in the East Room after the performance.

As a self-defining Queer artist Tim is interested in borrowing, foraging, digging, scavenging and serendipity not just as a practice for subsistence living but also as a metaphor for constructing a healthy sense of personal identity from the tyranny that is the world around us. 

Tim will be performing the tour in his radical drag identity 'Timberlina'.

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

28 January 2013 at 18.45–19.45

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