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The Xenofeminist Manifesto

The Xenofeminist Manifesto, Verso Books

Join us for a panel discussion marking Verso’s publication of The Xenofeminist Manifesto

Created by the international collective Laboria Cubonicks, The Xenofeminist Manifesto first emerged in 2015, offering a radical new perspective on 21st century feminism with its focus on how technology challenges understandings of nature.

What possibilities might Xenofeminism open up for contemporary art? How might it contribute to wider conversations about new political systems and ways of being? Join us for this special panel discussion marking Verso’s publication of the manifesto, featuring artist Malik Nashad Sharpe, artist Khairani Barokka and member of Laboria Cubonicks, Helen Hester. This conversation will be chaired by Sarah Shin.

In collaboration with Verso.


Khairani Barokka

Khairani Barokka is a writer, poet and artist in London. Among her honours, she was an NYU Tisch Departmental Fellow for her masters, Emerging Writers Festival’s (AUS) Inaugural International Writer-In-Residence (2013), and Indonesia’s first Writer-In-Residence at Vermont Studio Center (2011). Okka is the writer/performer/producer of, among others, a deaf-accessible, solo poetry/art show, Eve and Mary Are Having Coffee.

Helen Hester

Helen Hester is Associate Professor of Media and Communication at University of West London. Her research interests include technofeminism, sexuality studies, and theories of social reproduction, and she is a member of the international feminist collective Laboria Cuboniks. Helen is the author of Beyond Explicit: Pornography and the Displacement of Sex (SUNY Press, 2014) and the co-editor of the collections Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism (Ashgate, 2015) and Dea ex Machina (Merve, 2015). She is also the series editor for Ashgate’s Sexualities in Society book series.

Malik Nashad Sharpe

Malik Nashad Sharpe is a choreographer and dancer making performances under their aliases Marikiscrycrycry and DANCEw/YUNGMARIK!! Their work operates with an expansive choreographic proposition that utilises dance and live action as a modality that excavates various ontologies at/around Blackness and [G/END/ER]Queerness. Their performances lean into the affective and physical politics of anxiety, allostatic load, aesthetics, and alienation, creating textured material that undermines hegemonic meaning production.

The publication will be available to purchase before and after the event.

Sarah Shin

Sarah Shin is a publisher and curator. She is the creator of New Suns: A Feminist Literary Festival, and is a co-founder and director of the Silver Press and Ignota Books. She works at Verso.

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