Tate Modern Workshop

Activating Art Through Body, Disguise and Performance

Victoria Batt Photographic Cloak 2015

Drop in and create your own response to the Tate collection through performance, disguise and sculpture

Have you ever wanted to become an artwork? Do you love performing for the camera? Or are you more of a behind the scenes producer?

Rehome the Rabbits with Sarah Crew

17 & 18 October 2016  13.00-16.00  Drop in

Make new homes for a family of rabbits on the loose from Rio, Brazil in Tate Modern. Explore the galleries and new Switch House building to find the cosiest setting to make your burrow 

Armour of Images with Victoria Batt

17 & 18 October 2016  13.00-16.00  Drop in

Strike a pose and create portraits in Tate’s collection inspired by the artwork on display and contribute photographs to a growing wearable cloak of images.

Conceal Portrait with Marysa Dowling

17 October 2016  13.00-16.00  Drop in

Work with Marysa Dowling and Boram Jang to create your own playful photographic portraits to conceal something about you. Using everyday items as props, turn yourself into a sculpture inspired by the artworks on display at Tate Modern.

Butterfly Effect with Marysa Dowling

18 October 2016  13.00-16.00  Drop in

Join Marysa Dowling and Boram Jang to play a game of visual dominoes. Make a sequence of portraits taking artwork in the Tate collection as your starting point and see where the images take you.

New (T)raditions with Michelle Williams Gamaker and Pablo Casteneda

18 October 2016  13.00-15.30  Booked workshop

Book your place to experiment with visual traditions, poses and actions in the Tate collection and play an interactive game exploring miscommunication. Spaces are limited; please email bpartexchange@tate.org.uk to book.

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17–18 October 2016

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