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Art school rules OK? With BACKLIT Gallery


Take part in an obstacle course of creative learning activity in this playful re-design of the art curriculum

The BACKLIT ‘art school’ is open and you’re the student.

You’ll begin your journey by dressing up and stepping into the shoes of an art student, before embarking on an obstacle course of interactive, creative learning activities. Explore, create and play with a mix of experimental and traditional models of art education, which sit alongside each other in the space. Complete every activity to receive your ‘artist’ badge and become a fully-fledged ‘graduate’ of the programme.

BACKLIT’s playful re-design of the art curriculum uses different models of art education to explore ideas of accessibility and power dynamics within education. It addresses questions such as; who can access an education in the arts? Where can art education take place? And who is teaching who?

The hands-on activities within the space aim to reshuffle the hierarchical structures within artistic and cultural production, questioning ideas of social organising, the conditions needed for a common space, and what it truly means to be ‘artist-led’.

If you would like to learn more about BACKLIT and the journey of our artist-led space, you can watch the film that was created for our 10-year anniversary show. Same As It Never Was will be screened in the Southwark Room throughout each day.

There will also be a selection of BACKLIT archive material on display in the space, which gives insight into the role that artists have played in setting up opportunities for artist development within the region of the East Midlands.

Artists: Mo Scott, Peter Chesney, Karen Chesney, Kühle Wampe art collective (Craig David Parr, Amelia Seren Roberts, Joshua Heathcote, Thomas Kilby), Sian Watson Taylor, Lois Gardner Sabt, Ryan Heath, Anna Manfield

Urban Psychogeography Walk

Psychogeography is an exploration of urban environments that emphasizes playfulness and "drifting". On Sunday 24th February, join Ryan Heath on a walk within Southwark, to document the urban landscape. You’ll collect lost and hidden markings along the way, returning to Tate Exchange to use painting and graphics to turn these visual references into a group map artwork.

These are 2-hour slots taking place at 12noon and 3pm.

Click here to book a place.

About BACKLIT Gallery

BACKLIT is a two-storey independent artist-led gallery located in the heart of Nottingham, UK. It provides affordable studio spaces for contemporary artists, supporting early career graduates and emerging artists. In its exhibition role BACKLIT provides a dynamic public programme of national and international artists including original artist commissions, screenings and live debates. Central to the BACKLIT ethos is its strong working relationships with regional universities and its partnerships with other galleries and creative organisations. It is also committed to supporting projects that promote community and local heritage.

Tate Modern

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23–24 February 2019

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