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Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education

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Examine the role of sex, sexual identity, desire, consent and pornography in contemporary culture

Hot-blooded about sexual consent? Concerned about the influence of pornography? Frustrated by the lack of sex education in schools? Contribute to wide-ranging and developing conversations, debates and performances led by Bedfellows artists Chloe Cooper, Phoebe Davies and Jenny Moore.

This project includes work and materials of a sexual nature. Adult supervision is advised. Please speak to a member of staff for more information. Photography and filming are not permitted.

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Clubhouse Research Centre

A variety of material and digital resources made by sex educators, artists, writers, bloggers, newspapers, filmmakers, activists, students and teachers available for reading, photocopying, discussing, and exploring. 

Bedfellows: Sex Re-Education is commissioned by Schools and Teachers Tate London Learning

About Bedfellows

Bedfellows is currently investigating sexual identities, desire, consent, and feminist porn. Bedfellows ask whether, as artists trained in visual literacy, they might be able to deconstruct the dominant tropes of the image-heavy sexual landscape we’re in. It’s happening all the time but it manifested itself most recently in the form of three research group meetings at The Caged Antelope in Deptford; a Charismatic Megafauna gig; a series of SEX TALK MTGs at Serpentine Gallery, Tate Britain and Assembly (Portland, USA); a lecture at Wimbledon College of Arts; and a radio show at Reactor Halls E15: You can’t win them all, ladies & gentlemen.

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20–23 October 2016

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