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Blast off stories!

Blast off stories! Photo (c) Kate Elliott

Blast off stories! Photo (c) Kate Elliott

Share stories, dream and play

Take a moment to sit back, relax and read together in our storytelling oasis for families of all ages, and discover lots of new books and exciting stories celebrating voices of colour. You might want to drop in at storytelling hour or choose a book to read aloud.

We’re taking our inspiration from BLAST OFF – the 1973 pioneering children’s book about a young black girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut, written by Linda C. Cain and Susan Rosenbaum, and illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.

There will be plenty more brilliant stories to discover selected by New Beacon Books and the Early Years and Families team, celebrating voices of colour. Drop-in anytime between 12-5pm to read books together, listen to readings by our fantastic story-tellers at story time at 1pm or read aloud at 3pm.

19 December - April Brown

20 December - Kandace Chimbiri, author of The Story of the Windrush

21 December - Rachel Beckles, author of The Butterfly Princess

22 December - Lorraine O'Garro, author of The Alphabet with Bella and Numbers with Bella

23 December - Rebekah Ubuntu

27 December - Trevor Miranda

28 December - Elijah Frederick, author of Shifted Code: From digital to reality. Extra reading at 14.00 by Jessie McLaughlin

29 December - Jack Wakely

30 December - Erica Campayne

About New Beacon Books

New Beacon Books, founded in 1966 was the UK’s first black publisher, specialist and bookshop. For over 50 years they have stocked and sold poetry, literature, non-fiction, history and children’s books from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, African America, Europe, South America and Britain.

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30 December 2018 at 12.00–17.00

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