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Children's Creativity: Join the Resistance With Room 13 Hareclive

'Let's Change Things!' Room 13 Hareclive children calling for safer streets in Hartcliffe 2017

Join us to explore just what children can achieve through creativity, and add your voice as we call for change

Creativity is a basic human drive. Our capacity for creativity is behind every invention, innovation and idea throughout time – as well as behind every artist and work of art in Tate. Yet when and where in education are children allowed to be creative today? Room 13 Hareclive is one such place: an artists’ studio based in a primary school in Hartcliffe, south Bristol, co-run by children since 2003.

We invite you to come and discover just what children are achieving through creativity against the odds in our south Bristol community, as you walk our studio’s living time-line of 16 years. You will see artworks, short films and hear children’s voices on important issues that concern us all.

Then come and reflect with us on the importance of art, freedom, creativity, and voice for children in education by producing key words – large and small - for this movement. Together we’ll create statements and placards for change!

“Allow us to tell you what we are thinking or feeling. Whether our voices are big or small, whether we whisper or shout it, or paint, draw, mime or sign it – listen to us and hear what we say.” - John Burningham for the UN Convention on the rights of the child in words and picture

About Room 13 Harclive

Room 13 Hareclive is an independent artists’ studio based in the grounds of Hareclive Primary school (E-ACT Academy) in Hartcliffe, south Bristol, run by children and adults working together. It is a creative hub where transformations – materials, ideas, personal and community – have been taking place since 2003. Our studio is one of the oldest, most established Room 13 spaces in the world (100+ internationally) and we’re regularly visited by researchers and practitioners from many countries interested in children, creativity, collaboration, voice and change.

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25–26 June 2019

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