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Dale Farm: The Eviction With 198, Traveller Art Performance and Oblique Arts

Dale Farm barricade, image (c) Jess Hurd

Hear voices from Traveller communities in a creative response to the 2011 eviction from Dale Farm

On 19th October 2011, eighty Traveller families lost their 10 year legal battle for their homes. Dale Farm: The Eviction, explores this important event from the perspective of artists from different communities.

Artists from the Travelling community and elsewhere will present creative responses to the eviction, aiming to broaden the discussion about Dale Farm and acknowledge that not everyone backed or agreed with the eviction by the local authorities, which the UK government supported and in part financed. Against a backdrop of negative media coverage and social media attacks on Traveller communities, this event also aims to be therapeutic for the Traveller artists’ and the community members impacted by the loss of their homes.

As well as visual art, performance, music and video, audiences will have the opportunity to view unique Traveller archival material from Grattan Puxon’s archive together with artefacts from Dale Farm, removed at the time of the eviction.

This event is curated by Phien O’Reachtigan of Traveller-Art-Performance and Beverley Carpenter of Oblique Arts in association with Tate Exchange Associates 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning.

About 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning

198 Contemporary Arts and Learning's mission is to advance public interest in the visual arts, as well as nurture and support the career of emerging, under-represented artists. We advocate for diversity within the visual arts and provide opportunities for those wishing to develop careers in the creative and cultural industries.

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