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Artist's Talk: Rob St John

Pola-gram in Finland, image Rob St John

Pola-gram in Finland, image Rob St John

Rob St John introduces a collaborative, art-geography project, inspired by the ancient practice of cairn building

Join Rob St John for an evening discussion of his Tate Exchange project Emergent Landscapes, a participatory installation using the ancient and collective practice of cairn building, sound-drawing and lichen-painting to create new visual and sonic landscapes.

About Rob St John

Rob St John is an artist and cultural geographer from East Lancashire. His interdisciplinary practice often involves sound works, art-science collaboration, ecologically-altered film photography and landscape writing. His work examines the histories, lifeworlds and possible futures of multispecies landscapes through a ‘site-specific-non-specific’ approach.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

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Date & Time

10 December 2016 at 17.00–18.00